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Menstrual Cup Canada - What is Available Online?

by Zoe Period Cups (2016-10-04)

Priceless menstrual cup information that all women in Canada need in order to feel comfortable and clean during that time of the month.

I was skeptical at first when I heard about menstrual cups and I waited months before I finally decided to buy the Luna Cup and OMG I kick myself every day for waiting so long! This by far is the most comfortable and praiseworthy feminine hygiene product I have ever bought and then used! Granted when you first get the Menstrual Cup you are going to look at it and think that this will never fit in my vagina (or at least I did) and how is this going to not leak all over. I too feared my pants would look like a horrific crime scene, but I have only had 1 small leak and I knew when I left the restroom something wasn’t right after inserting it that the cup wasn’t in the proper position. I can’t describe how I knew or what it feels like when you have it properly inserted other than you will know. Getting the menstrual cup out isn’t too difficult as long as you do not panic the first few times I recommend doing this in the shower I found that to be a lot easier for me since I didn’t have to worry about making a mess. I also highly recommend buying the cup.

What's Available in Canada: Since every women's body is different, try going on YouTube in Canada and searching for "menstrual cup reviews" to try to figure out what is available online and which cup will be best for you. I found it super helpful. I ended up going with what I could find in my local store the first time and just haven't bothered to try buying other menstrual cups online yet.

Menstrual Cup Brands that are Popular in Canada:

After careful online research I dicovered that the most popular brands of period cups for Canadians appear to be the Diva Cup, Luna Cup, mooncup, keeper and Lunette cup.